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Stacy Woodley is the owner of F8tail Fitness LLC. She’s a Certified Personal, Group and Cycling Trainer. She encourages her clients to change their lifestyle by changing their mentality. She believes once the mind is focused and determined, the body will follow. That’s her F8tail Mentality!

Fitness has been part of her life since the age of 6 due to her love for sports. She’s played multiple sports in high school such as Basketball, Softball, Rowing, Martial Arts, Track. Played collegiate basketball for 4 years. Now, she competes in bodybuilding as Figure Competitor.

Being active has kept her alive. She experienced an episode at the age of 22, where she passed out after working out at the gym. She woke up in the management office wondering what the heck happen. After her doctor’s visit, turns out she was healthy looking on the outside but unhealthy on the inside. Numbers don’t lie. As cliché as it sounds looks can be deceiving. She quickly changed her eating habits, starting with kicking the soda to the curb. She told herself that death is inevitable no need to help the cause. That was her rude awaking. The kitchen is as important as the gym. Today she continues to consistently meal prep throughout the year. She also enjoys comfort foods but in moderation. She has train her my body well enough to know when to STOP the bad eating. Plus, as a bodybuilder your nutrition is 75% of the battle 25% in the gym.

Now, Stacy is offering online group and personal training for youth (14 with parent consent) to adult for all fitness level. She has the ability to build one’s confidence, mindset and overall appearance by showing them how to maintain a F8tail Attitude by incorporating a few lifestyle changes.

Got a question? I would be happy to help!

My Awards

2018 shows

OCB Hall of Fame Pro Qualifier Figure Open (2nd Place)

NPC Patriots Cup National Qualifier Figure Open (1st Place Class B)

2019 Shows

OCB Cape Code Pro Qualifier Figure Open (1st Place Class B)

OCB North Shore Natural Pro Qualifier Figure Open (1st Place) Won Pro Card

NPC Jr Nationals (IFBB Pro Qualifier) 10th place Class F