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About Stacy

Stacy Woodley is the owner of F8tail Fitness LLC. She’s a Certified Personal, Group and Cycling Trainer. She’s encouraged her clients to change their lifestyle by changing their mentality. She believes once the mind is focused and determined, the body will follow. That’s her F8tail Mentality!

Fitness has been part of her life since the age of 6 due to her love for sports. She’s played multiple sports in high school such as Basketball, Softball, Rowing, Martial Arts, Track. Played collegiate basketball for 4 years. Now, she’s competes in bodybuilding as Figure Competitor. More

Online Services

F8tail Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Online Personal Training 30-Min 60-Min
Single Session $25 $40
3-Pack Sessions $65 $110

Online or In-Person Group Training 30-Min 60-Min
Single Session $20 each $25 each
3-Pack (Up to 4 People) Sessions $45 each $105 each

Programs Price
1 Month Custom Program Starting at $80.00 includes assessment
4 Weeks $220 ($55 Per Week)
6 Weeks $300 ($50 Per Week)
12 Weeks $636 ($53 Per Week)
24 Weeks $1,344 ($56 Per Week)
36 Weeks $2,160 ($60 Per Week)
48 Weeks $3,168 ($66 Per Week)

Weekly Program Details:

  1. Each weekly program includes (3) 45 minute personal sessions per week with me
  2. Weekly weigh-ins
  3. Monthly progress pictures
  4. Nutrition recommendations
* Payments can be paid weekly or monthly with signed client consent agreement for weekly programs.
* Meet your goals with a custom program get 10% back. Surpass your goal get 15% back.

Zoom Classes


Michelle B.
Michelle B.

Stacy has inspired me in so many ways. Not only physically but mentally! I've learned more on consistency then ever! She's very dedicated and was there when I had questions. She met me on my level and slowly made me step! No one has ever done that! She is my "new lesson learned!" There is so much more I can say! Her hospitality is unmatched! She is funny, fit, and fabulous.

Jen T.
Jen T.

Thank you for outlining an exercise program just for me. I appreciate the amount of time you've spent with my Tuesday/Thursday or whenever I needed you. I honestly don't know what I would have achieved without you in my life, your encouragement and constant motivation pushed me to heights I never thought possible. Thank you for bringing out the best in me.

Jabriel T.
Jabriel T.

I have worked with Stacy and she has provided me with remote circuit training via Zoom and Work out plans 4 days a week. She also set me up with my fitness pal that helped me make a lifestyle changes with my diet. It helped me take control of my diet that helped me lower my blood pressure and weight. When I started my journey, I weighed 413 lbs and I am now at 355 with a total of 58 lbs weight loss. F8tail fitness has really helped put me on the right path. I highly recommend Stacy, she is honest and very passionate about health and kinesiology.

Cree W.
Cree W.

I am ever grateful for f8tail fitness! Stacy provides the fitness techniques Uniquely suitable for one to be successful. Stacy pushes you to the your capable limits which I call the f8tail mentality! My weight loss was not the only reward from this program. Other. rewards include the ability to look good and feel good. I love my body’s shapely contour! I have built endurance than I thought I could never do before. I am forever thankful because this is only the beginning I will continue to push the limits that I know I can achieve with the help of F8tail fitness.

Mo. B.
Mo. B.

July 2019, I decided to make a lifestyle change and become a healthier me. I spent over a month searching for a personal trainer until my cousin, Jennifer, recommended Stacy Woodley. Stacy reached out to me and within a week, I had scheduled my first consultation with her. It has been three months and a long journey, but I do not regret it. The amount of patience, support, and encouragement that I have received from her is immeasurable. Having her as a trainer has been one of the best things that have ever happened to me during my fitness journey. As of today, October 24th, I have lost a total of 15 pounds since I have started my personal training!

Got a questions about your fitness goals? We would be happy to help!